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Why we can offer affordable price

Affordable price for Applications of Patents and Trademarks and Trademarkability Research


Aisac International Patent Office of Japan (AIPOJ) handles trademark application for ¥60,000, and patent application for ¥140,000. Average Japanese patent office handles them for more than 20% higher price than ours.


Q: Why is our price much less than what most patent attorneys charge?

A: Because our success rate is extraordinarily high. Normally, Japanese patent offices charge for contingent fee during registration assessment. At AIPOJ, we successfully cut down the application fee due to high successful registration fee.

Q: Why is our success rate is high?

A1: First, we do a brief research (free of charge) prior to filing application. If the possibility of registration seems low according to our research, we adequately advise clients with tips that increase the chance of registration. Proper strategies and minor modifications make the registration much more successful. We give you precise details of registration likability and possible reasons of refusal.

A2: Secondly, our argument in response to refusals (if any) gets high success rate.