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About Us

About Us:



Aisac International Patent Office of Japan (AIPOJ), a solo international patent, trademark, and design patent office in Tokyo. We are a group of experienced intellectual property specialists. We represent a broad range of clients from individual start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations throughout Japan and overseas. We believe in helping our clients accomplish their business goals by minimizing litigation risk and maximizing business opportunity for low cost. 

Office Address: 4th Floor, Shibuya-Omi Building, 3-19-1, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

TEL (81)3-6206-1106
FAX (81)3-6206-1107



Why Us: 

1. We care our clients.


It is our responsibility to be your arms and brains to take care of your intellectual property. 


A selected group of top-leveled experts enables a flexible, quick, yet sophisticated team-work performance

that fits client's most needs.


If an attractive course of action becomes an option, we always suggest it to clients. 

We also make it clear if further expenditure is unwarranted. 

2. High success rate 

We are proud of our high registration rate and successful argument rate.

3. Pursuit for powerful rights

We will assist you with carefully-examined registration that has a long bright future. 

4. Green practice

We successfully managed to cut down 95% of paperwork to be environmentally-friendly business. Paperless office not only saves trees, but also makes tasks much more efficient.

Please ask us about the green logo, GSL.

5. Affordable and success-based fee plans

Patent Fee 

Trademark Fee

Design Patent Fee

6. High legal knowledge

We take collaborative approach on each case. Discussion with professional colleagues makes the best solution for clients' needs. 






Design Patents 

Patentability research

Legal Advice

License agreement for Patent Right

Consultant (Free of charge)







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